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"Say It In Stone"

Lasting Tribute Idea Guide

When purchasing a memorial, whether for yourself or a loved one gone before us, it is important to get everything correct to make sure it is a lasting and meaningful tribute.  In order to do this, we have put together this guide to help you through the process.

Please fill out the form below or click here to download the guide.


Getting Started

Who is this memorial for?
Which cemetery will the momument be located?
Does the cemetery have specific rules that need to be followed in regards to your memorial?
What funeral home (if any) handled the funeral arrangements?


Cemetery Information

While this information is very helpful it is not required when purchasing a memorial. This information can be obtained by us if you prefer.
What is the lot number or lot location?
What side of the lot will the memorial be placed?
What direction will the memorial face when installed?
When facing the memorial, who is to the left/right? (For companion memorials)?


Memorial Guide

What type of memorial are you looking for?
What style would you like for you memorial?
What would you like your memorial to be made out of?
What shape would you like?
What color would you like your memorial to be? (This is a general list, not meant to be specific)


Design Guide

Ultimately these questions help you to answer the main question.
“What do you want on the memorial?”
What is the family heritage?
What kind of religious belief? (Religion, denomination, roles)
What was done for work, hobbies, interests, or sports?
What sort of accomplishments? (Job, memorable events, social, civic contributions)