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"Say It In Stone"

Memorial Pricing Guide

This guide is to help you understand the costs associated with your memorial. Because the price varies from memorial to memorial, it’s very difficult to say exactly how much a memorial will be. However we have given a starting price for each. Flat markers start around $400, slants around $800, single uprights around $1000, companion uprights around $1500, benches around $1400, and cremation urns start at $80. With memorials, there are numerous parts of the process that can affect the price. However, we have broken these down into 4 key areas.

  1. Type 
    • Flat marker, upright, bench, etc…
  2. Size
    • Generally, the larger the memorial the more it will be.
  3. Color
    • We have hand selected the highest quality granites from around the world. Including some that come from just a stones throw away. Each color has a different price. A general rule of thumb is the more difficult it is to quarry the more that color will cost.
  4. Design
    • While we do include the design work into our price, there are several design elements that can increase the price, such as adding a porcelain photo, bronze attachments, vases, or adding additional shape carvings.