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"Say It In Stone"


Pre-planning is done more than ever today; people understand the benefits of planning ahead. They take out insurance policies, make out their will and have special savings or retirement accounts. Pre-planning one’s memorial is no different.

This assures some certainty to an uncertain future. While there may be many reasons for you to choose your memorial ahead of time, here are just a few that we believe to be especially important.

  1. Your memorial should be a joint decision. As a husband and wife you have shared much in your life. Since your memorial will be the most enduring purchase you will make, it should be a joint decision. Other family members may be of assistance as well.
  2. It will be more affordable today than later. Today’s price will not increase. You will be able to spread the payments out, if you wish.
  3. The choice will be yours. You can personalize your memorial to your likes, hobbies, interests, beliefs or accomplishments. Tell your story in stone.
  4. The decision will not have to be made at an emotional time. It can be very difficult to make important decisions at times of grief and loss.

Today those over the age of 50 realize their responsibility for their legacy. Arrangement of financial affairs is probably the first thought but a more permanent, lasting legacy is your memorial stone. A personalized, meaningful memorial is the most long-lasting purchase you will make – more so than your home, auto, or other treasures accumulated through the years.

For the past 100 years, Dakota Monument Company has helped thousands of families create their memorials. We offer the very best in memorial selection and design.

Due to families tending to relocate, to explore the world and to make their home wherever they choose today, they may not always be next door like previous generations. A Pre-Need Memorial purchase not only relieves your family of having to make extra decisions during a difficult time but it will also save you money!

When ordering a Pre-Need Memorial, either through your funeral director or Dakota Monument Company, it can be purchased at today’s price.

We invite you to stop by our showroom or call for an appointment. We are open Monday 8 am-7 pm, Tuesday - Friday 8 am-5 pm, and Saturday 9 am-noon. Home visits can also be arranged. We look forward to meeting you and helping to create a beautiful testimony to your life.